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Case Study

Fast Lending


Compose your digital strategies: the case of Garanzia Etica

Garanzia Etica, a financial intermediary, chose the Entando Platform to implement a digital lending process for SMEs. With almost 50 years of experience and regulated by the Bank of Italy, Garanzia Etica takes the work of facilitating business growth in Italy to the next level.

Garanzia Etica's strategic needs:

  • Digitization of the entire pre-feasibility credit process
  • Faster response times to determine feasibility
  • Reliable assessments for creditworthiness
  • Cohesive integration of diverse software systems
  • Integration of heterogeneous systems.


The Fast Lending application was created using the latest in modular and composable software architecture. Through reusable bundles that utilize micro frontends, microservices and REST APIs, the Entando Platform was able to deliver improved user experiences, fast and responsive data integration, and quicker, more accurate assessments.

The following case study delves into the benefits achieved by Garanzia Etica, describes the solution and architecture, and analyzes the business capabilities it contributes to.

Learn more by reading the Case Study.