Modern enterprise portals, simplified

Entando helps make enterprise portals lighter, easier to use, and more scalable.  With us, you’ll gain efficiency, an improved user experience, and find yourself at the end of a successful Digital Transformation.



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Why and how to modernize portals


The problem

Technology watchers believe that portals or web projects such as an intranet, a company web portal, a portal website and the software that builds them are obsolete. On the other side, business has actually increased  demand for information in various forms and from disparate sources to be aggregated according to the needs of a given user. So portals are alive and well, but...

The challenge

The newer portals are different. They're lighter and easier to manage, maintain, and  integrate with other systems. Other newer technologies come overloaded with additional features that will go unused. Wouldn’t it be better for consumers to spend far less to purchase a minimalist platform that can be easily customized as needed?

The solution

Entando provides the right tools and expertise for you to create and customize lightweight, cloud-native portals that inspire people to engage, with a front-end focused on optimizing and harmonizing user experiences that effortlessly scale as your business does, thanks to modern infrastructures, architectures, and processes.

Next generation portals explained in 90 seconds



A  few reasons to migrate your enterprise portal or corporate website to a modern technology


Maximum lightness and customizzation36x36


Less code, higher efficiency36x36

Ease of maintenance

Adaptability to any organizational context36x36

      High customizations     

High roi enterprise development platform36x36

Better UX 

Easy integration with existing systems36x36

Agility and scalability

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Time and cost savings


How to select the right website builder and the appropriate technology to build next-generation portals


5 steps to make the right decision